Whatever your reason for going Vegan this January; POPSI'S is here to support you! Cutting down or completely cutting out on animal ingredients from your diet doesn't mean you should cut out the things you love. Lets face it... if you are here you love pizza as much as we do! We have you covered! 


As soon as we opened in May 2018 we were passionate about inclusive dinning. Everyone around a table should have the choice of great meals. We didn't take anything off our pizzas to make them Vegan like other restaurants. We added the best coconut vegan cheese and then some awesome plant based toppings. We searched high and low for the very best ingredients and where we couldn't find them we started from scratch, which is why we are so proud of our Vegan meats. So why not give our Vegan Menu a try?

To help support you we are launching massive dedicated Vegan Menu for Veganuary!