• David

Nduja Like Me?

We are super excited to launch what we think is the very first Vegan Nduja on a pizza in the country!!!! What?! To make it even more awesome we make it ourselves!

As you know we are all over the Vegan food. It's not a fad or a marketing gimmick. We launched Vegan pizzas on the first day that we opened our doors in 2018. We have always believed in inclusive dinning. There is nothing worse than being sat with friends in a restaurant and having one item on the menu that you can eat. There is always choice, and regardless of your views on veganism one thing we can all agree on is how consuming more plants is better for your health and for the environment. So you will be excited to read that we are drastically increasing our vegan option over the next 6 months.

The only issue we have is.... we can't decide what is the best pizza for Vegan Nduja! So we have launched two of them and over the next two weeks we will see which one sold the most and that one will be permeant on our menu.

First up with have the Calabria, which is a traditional pizza in the boot of Italy. We have topped this with Fresh Garlic, Vegan Cheese, Red Chillies, Red Onions & Vegan Nduja... it is fiery! We then have the Cantina which is Fresh Garlic, Vegan Cheese, Roast Peppers, Black olives & Vegan Nudja it's sweet, salty and spicy!

Which will you buy?

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