• David


It's like another windows update! We are locked down yet again, hopefully though just for 4 weeks this time.

What does it mean to our lovely customers?

We will have to close our restaurant to dine in customers, however we have made the decision this time not to change any of our opening hours, so you can still collect food for takeaway between the hours of 3pm - 10pm Monday to Sunday. If you use our website you can also get 10% off on your order! If you really don't want to come out then you can use a third party delivery company that we work with such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo. They are nothing to do with us though so I'm afraid they are subject to delivery fees. It would be a great help to any business out there that you choose to go direct and not through a 3rd party to help with some of the astronomical fees.

We are so grateful to all of you for continuing to support an independent through such difficult times. We hope like everyone that life will resume shortly but in the mean time if you need some comfort food, we are here to help!

Take care & stay safe

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