• David

Bake At Home!

Bake at home pizzas have arrived! Watch David make our signature POPSI'S pizzas at home using just a pan and a griddle.

These boxes are a fantastic way to use up spare ingredients in your fridge! You can make your very own by ordering all these fresh ingredients to collect. Please note we no longer deliver these since lockdown has ended how ever you can order them and collect them before 6pm Sunday - Thursday. Due to dough capacity we can't supply these on Fridays & Saturdays.

We have 3 packs available;

  1. Bake for 2 (£12)

  2. Bake for 3 (£17)

  3. Bake for 4 (£22). 

Each pack contains 

  • 48hr Homemade Fermented Dough (2, 3 or 4 of them individually wrapped)

  • The choice of fresh Fior Di Latte Mozzarella from Sorento Italy or our amazing Vegan Cheese!

  • Homemade Marinara sauce

  • Freshly made Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How you top it is up to you!

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