Frequently asked questions

Do you offer Gluten Free Pizza?

Unfortunately, our kitchen is too small to be able to make and cook gluten free products safely. We hope in our next restaurant to be able to offer this.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes, we are! Feel free to bring your dog with you. However please respect your fellow customers and be aware we have an open kitchen so we would prefer you to keep them on a leash.

Do you deliver?

We don't run our own delivery service, however we are on Deliveroo. We do recommend you come and pick it up though if you can. We find it's a much better service and you get 10% off.

Do you offer Vegan or Vegeterian options?

Absolutley! You can swap out Mozzarella cheese for Vegan cheese on any of our pizzas. We also make our own vegan chicken, pepperoni and ham. Feel free to swap these for free on any of our meat pizzas.