Crowd Funding


We did it!

Thanks to the amazing generosity and support POPSI'S has smashed their 4k target reaching 5k as of the 14th of June! Don't worry though you can still support us and get even more rewards! Not only does your donation buy you a meal but we also are now rewarding anyone who donates £50 or more with a VIP card. This exclusive card will not only show others how you played a part in our history, but it will also give you 15% off you purchase in restaurant! WOW!!!

Even though we have ended the crowdfunding you can still donate by clicking on the button below, you'll still get the rewards!

Thanks again!

Stay Safe,

David & Team x


Hello POPSI’S fan!


We started this business as a family run, local independent restaurant with aspirations to supply Southampton with proper pizza; hand made with fresh ingredients and love! As i’m sure you are aware its been a tough time for businesses, and POPSI’S is no different. We lost over 50% of our takings overnight when we were asked to close our restaurant. We kept our teams employed as part of a take away offering. It’s been a challenge adapting, but we are still here fighting away and determined to get to the finish line!


We set up a crowd funding initiative and are asking for support from our customers. We set a target of 4k that we need in order to continue to build the business and keep our doors open. In return we are supplying meal vouchers that you can use when we finally re-open! Think of it like buying a future meal.


We’d love it if you would consider buying one of these future meals off us to help keep us going. It’s very simple to donate and the link is in the below button. We only have 3 weeks to get to the target, and if we don’t reach it then we loose all of it.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and more importantly thanks for having already bought from us in the past!


Take care & stay safe,


David x