We share your concern about the spread of Covid-19 and want to reassure you of what POPSI'S are doing to help keep you, our teams and our partners safe when visiting our restaurant.


We're following Government advice closely and making all necessary changes required as they arise. We completed a specific risk assessment for welcoming our customers back in July. Below are the key changes we have made to keep everyone safe.

  1. We have removed half of our inside seating and installed physical barriers between tables to maintain a safe distance between customers.

  2. We have purchased 9 extra tables for outside dining so that if the weather is good diners can choose to eat outside.

  3. There are two hand sanitising stations located in the restaurant. One by the door and one by the toilet.

  4. A sneeze guard has be installed on our open kitchen for extra safety.

  5. On entering POPSI'S all customers are required to use hand sanitiser.

  6. All customers that dine in are required to leave their name and number for the government track and trace program.

  7. All our front of house team are required to wear a face covering or face shield.

  8. Our team are already on top of washing their hands in-between tasks, after eating, drinking, or touching anything that is not sanitised. 

  9. Our kitchen team are not working face to face any longer and work side to side or back to back. We do not have more than 3 people in our kitchen at one time.

  10. Any team member who feels unwell is required to stay at home and order a covid test. They are not allowed back until they get the all clear.

  11. We're washing & sanitising all touch points once an hour (anything in our restaurant that is fixed and would have been touched by any hand). We are using a strong detergent & sanitiser to kill any presence of a virus or bacteria.

  12. Our menus are sanitised after each use and customers are welcome to use our online menus if this is more comfortable for them. In store free wifi is available. 

  13. Delivery drivers are not allowed into the restaurant at any time and outside bench seating and area has been created to keep a safe distance for customers.

  14. POPSI'S is no longer taking cash. Only card payments. We ask customers that do wish to tip that they do this on the card machine. Our team keep 100% of this so don't worry nothing will be deducted. The card machine is sanitised after every use.

  15. Our toilets are checked every hour and sanitised. 

  16. All cutlery is brought to the customer and everything gets soaked in hot soapy antibacterial water before going through a high heat dishwasher.

  17. All chairs and tables are sanitised after each use.

  18. The restaurant is deep cleaned and sanitised each night.

  19. Additional antibacterial soap has been provided in the toilets.

  20. We have installed motion sensing lights in our restaurant so customers don't need to flick any switches.

We are very thankful for your commitment to supporting us, we look forward to seeing you in restaurant soon. TO avoid disappointment please book your table online or give us a call on 02380 36 90 90.





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